Spotlight Education offers every level of math subject for G7 to G12, from school subjects, AP test preparation, to ACT, SAT I, and SAT subject tests. We do private or small group tutoring services to provide concept review, homework help, and quiz/test prep. Our groups are formed based on school and subject. Students are welcome to form their own group.

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  (Tuitions and schedules are subject to change. Please contact office for the latest info.)

Small Group Tutoring - Math

Class School Day/Time Dates Tuition/Session
  Geometry Enriched SHS Wed 6:30-8:00p 9/05 - June/2019 $55
  Algebra 2 Honor (A) SHS Tue 6:30-8:00p 9/04 - June/2019 $55
  Algebra 2 Honor (B) SHS Sun 1:30-3:00p 9/02 - June/2019 $55
  Trig/Precalculus Honor (A) SHS Tue 8:00-9:30p 9/04 - June/2019 $55
  Trig/Precalculus Honor (B) SHS Sun 7:00-8:30p 9/02 - June/2019 $55
  AP Calculus AB SHS Mon 6:30-8:00p 9/03 - May/2019 $58
  AP Calculuc BC SHS Sun 5:30-7:00p 9/02 - May/2019 $58

Notification and Makeup Policy

Students may request make-up or credit for sessions they will miss due to vacation plan or any prescheduled activities by following our policy noted below.
A minimum 48-hour notification is required for any schedule changes and makeups. Regular tuition will incur for any student absence without sufficient notification.
Students must be enrolled for at least 2 months before a credit can be allowed. There will be no credit provided for any last-minute schedule change.
Up to a maximum of 2 sessions may be credited per semester with no more than one credit for any given month.
A missed group session may be made up by joining other group makeup class within the same week. One-on-one makeup session can be available at an additional charge due to the difference in rates.
Up to 4 make-up sessions are allowed per semester. All makeups need to be completed within one week from the notified absence.

Withdraw Policy

A 2-week notice is required upon any request to cancel a current class enrollment.
A minimum 2-month enrollment period is required before a withdraw request can be granted.

Our Holiday Schedule

No classes will be held on Thanksgiving (11/22/2018, 11/23/2018), and Christmas break.
All classes will be held otherwise at the regular schedule till June of 2019, including all other national holidays, winter break and spring break.
Students may follow our policy to notify of absence for any prescheduled conflicts.

Tuition Fee Schedule

Tuition is collected at the beginning of each payment period.
There are 4 payment periods in the current 2018-2019 school year.
1st semester - (1)9/02/18 to 10/31/18, (2)11/1/18 to 12/20/18.
2nd semester - (3)1/07/19 to 3/31/19, (4)4/01/19 to 6/06/19.

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